About company
Our company - Poltava Quartz Glass Plant - is a leading manufacturer of high quality quartzware in Ukraine. Our main products are clear quartz glass tubes of various diameters for lighting industry (standard range of outer diameters from 5mm up to 40mm; larger diameters are also available upon the request).

Our main customer is Discharge Lamps Plant (Plant GRL), Poltava, Ukraine - manufacturer of gas discharge lamps, High Pressure Mercury Lamps, Fluorescent tubes in particular. Other areas of applying of our products are chemical, food, and semiconductor industries.

Our tubes are applied in manufacturing of light sources, infrared heaters, water-measured boiler tubes, isolators etc. They maintain temperatures up to 1100°C, pressure up to 40 atmospheres, are transparent for ultra-violet radiation, are thermally steady, good dielectric, steady against crystallization and dimness. Our company team will be pleased to to get acquainted with your requirements and establish long-term cooperation on the base of mutual benefit.

Our factory is the enterprise with the closed cycle of manufacture: from melt of blocks , to an extract from them a quartz pipe and manufacturing from it various products, in the form of devices, connecting communicative knots and the separate details using of which finds wide applying in metallurgical, chemical, lighting, semi-conductor both the food-processing industry of Ukraine . The quartz tube finds wide applying for manufacturing of light sources, ultra-violet lamps (for water and air disinfecting), infra-red heaters, a casing of thermocouples, water measured tubes of coppers and other devices, insulators, etc.

The basic indicators of quality of quartz glass:
  1. High transparency in ultra-violet, visible and infra-red areas of a spectrum.
  2. High stability to sharp temperature drops.
  3. High thermal stability.
  4. Low factor of thermal expansion.
  5. Chemical cleanliness (99,995 % SiO2).
  6. Chemical stability.
  7. The guaranteed working temperature (long) – 1000oС.
  8. The MOVE working temperature (short-term) – 1300oС.
  9. Softening temperature – 1720oС.
  10. Good dielectric properties. Poltava factory of quartz glass progressive, constantly developing enterprise which has kept the potential and traditions which on an extent than ten years, conducts industrial and foreign trade activities. We invite you to cooperation; we wait for your orders and offers. We constantly work over expansion of the assortment of our production.
Best Regards and Success to your business.